To make the most of your meeting with our agents, there is some information to be organized for a better flow of your onboarding:

What you find in this article

Sales Channels


On Airbnb the flow depends on your situation with the channel:

I already have an account on the channel
I do not have an account on the channel
Set aside your Airbnb credentials to apply to your and proceed to import Airbnb listings.In this case, you must create an account before getting the connection with Stays.
Caution: It is not possible to connect a co-host account!
When integrating your Airbnb account with any channel manager, the commission charged by the channel will be 15%, as the listings will be part of the Simplified Pricing program.
For further details and exceptional cases, see the article below: 
I want to know more...

Just like Airbnb, the process depends on how your actual situation with the channel is:

I already have an account on the channel
I do not have an account on the channel
Just keep your login and password separated to access Booking.
We will integrate your listings and your account during the meeting.
In the link below you will be able to know more about the connection:
Do not worry about it, we will be able to create your account on the channel from your!
You just need to keep an email that you have not previously registered with and we will check it out during the onboarding meeting!

Other sales channels

Do not worry, your agent will provide you more information about them all.

I already have other Channel Manager

In this case it is necessary that you unlink your listings' connections with all pf them, so then you are able to begin the connection, because it is no possible to use more than one channel manager at the same time.

For further information about how to do this process on sales channels, check the material below: 
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During your onboarding process, you will be entitled to a number of meetings that vary according to your contracted plan. 

Assistance can be provided in the following ways:

Onboarding meetings
Routine service
For more information about the onboarding process and scheduling meetings, just access the Onboarding portal using the button below:There is a chat located on the lower right side of your, where you can get in touch with our agents to solve general doubts.
Our opening hours are:
- Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm*;
- Weekends and holidays, from 10 am to 3 pm*.

*Brasilia time

Monthly payment

You will be able to monitor the amount in your account, register credit cards for automatic monthly payments and other manager features from our Admin Stays portal


Payment Channel

Having payment channels enabled on your guarantees a more agile reservation collection process - through the typed sales resources and payment links - and allows you to receive reservations online on your page, as your guests will be able to pay using a credit card, bank slip and PIX.



During your onboarding, we will show you the possibilities of building your page from our Website Editor, but for your site to be online and visible, there must be a domain to link your content, that is, transfer what you did it together on Stays for your internet address.

To follow with more instructions, see the link below in the Domain part, the process guide developed by our Design team to assist you: