In order to connect your properties to the main sales channels in the market, you must complete the following steps:

Throughout the project, you will have a sequence of help materials that will guide you when using your, however, in case of doubt, you can activate the following channels:

  • Knowledge base
    It is the place where you can search for more information in case of doubts on the functions.
  • Our onboarding team
    Your project is being monitored by an onboarding analyst and, when you reach step 3, you can schedule your meeting with our team for the last adjustments to connect to the sales channels. After this process, it is still possible to schedule another meeting to get more tips on using and formalize the conclusion of the project.
  • Our support team
    With our help center, you will be able to report us if any unexpected tool problems occur during the execution of your activities.

Your contracted plan is Super Host, so the articles related to your plan will have this image at the beginning of the content:

If you want to change the plan, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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