The price registration is essential so that your listings are visible and available to receive reservations in the OTAs.

Through a simple and quick process, you will be able to enter your rates, the daily rates of each listing and other settings that will make your lodgings ready to receive reservations, price quotes and other commercial routines!

Check out the first step in the video below to have your prices registered on Stays and how you can manage the daily rates price:

After setting up the base structure of your rates, you will need to make the following additional settings on prices:

Enter the daily rates amount in the calendarAfter setting up your rates base, it is time to register your daily rates in the listings calendar.
Always put the daily rate amount in your calendar list screen!
Fees registrationIn addition to helping you with direct sales bookings, the additional fees are compatible with Booking and Airbnb and are an important step in the information synchronization.SEE DETAILS
Cancellation policiesCompatible with Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and others. It is information that can influence the guest's decision when choosing a listing.SEE DETAILS
Early bird and last minute discounts (Airbnb)As a suggestion, take advantage of and register special prices for guests who make reservations well in advance (early bird) or who reserve very close to the arrival date (last minute).SEE DETAILS
Do not leave days without filling in prices in your calendar, as this may affect the connection of your listings and prevent you from receiving reservations!
Stays counts on an incomplete prices alert to prevent this from happening and you can check on the link below how to configure this alert!
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After completing the steps described here, you are ready to go to the step 3 of our flow!