To register your lodgings, you need to have at hand basic information about your products and choose the model that best fits your business. is compatible with the importation of your Airbnb listings.
For more information, please contact our onboarding analysts.

It is possible to register your products through two paths:

Single Unit Listings
Multi Unit Listings
The lodgings are commercialized individually in the sales channels. It is the recommended path for businesses that have listings located at different addresses.It is the indicated path if you have several units in the same address, which can be a building, condominium or even an inn. In this flow, you will first register the location and then you will register the units.

In the video below, you have the general guidelines for registering units, like to configure Multi Unit Listings and, if you work with room categories, there are also advanced tips.

We recommend watching the video before starting the full registration of your listings, so that you will be able to register optimally and aligned with your business.

Just remember to activate the English subtitles!