In addition to the connection with the main sales channels, the Pro version can help you with other needs of your business.

See more details in the table below:

Monitor your business performanceLearn how to consult strategic indicators on bookings and rates on your DETAILS
Attract bookings and build guest loyaltyLearn actions that will help you receive more direct bookings and keep your guestbook for future bookings.SEE DETAILS
Manage and integrate the operational routineLearn how to manage your daily task routine, as well as track histories and other important information about your team.SEE DETAILS
Having a website that helps me capture more direct bookingsStill do not have the website that is the face of your business? Check on the link beside what you need to do to start the customization of your website!SEE DETAILS
Improve my bookings financial routineWith's financial solutions, you will have interfaces for launching receipts and refunds on bookings and access to the financial dashboard to get a basic notion of your business.SEE DETAILS

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge on the topics, contact your onboarding analyst.

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