To complete the reactivation process of your listing, it is important that you check some important points for its management through

Below is a brief list of important items for you to complete your reactivation:

Connection with OTAsFor this step, we recommend scheduling a meeting with our onboarding team to connect your listings, as it is necessary for you to assimilate the process so that you will be able to connect new listings on your own in the future.
Before proceeding with the scheduling of the meeting, in case you still do not know which channels you want to work with, we have prepared a table that lists the OTAs and the features that each tool has with
Connection with payment channelsIn addition to connecting with the main OTAs, we recommend enabling some payment channels on your, as this will help you in the booking charging routine and, if your plan has a website, ensure a better check-out experience for your page users.
We have prepared a table with the compatible payment channels and the characteristics of each one to help you.
Visual identity of your website
Your counts on a website editor so you can make your changes on your own.
Check on the link on the side for the main editing points on your page and more tips from our design team!
Remember that the website is not included in the Super Host plan!

We hope you enjoyed our reactivation tips and are ready to resume your operations through!

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Good sales!