We have created this space to help our partners rejoin Stays.net in a simpler and faster way.

Before the tips on the usage of the tool, check out some recurring questions from our partners about the reactivation process:

Am I entitled to meetings to reactivate my system?

By default you will be entitled to have the number of meetings that your Activation Plan allows you:

Presentation of the reactivation flow - 1° Meeting
At the kick-off meeting, our sales team will bridge the gap between you and our onboarding team.
Once that is done, we will show you in more details how the Stays reactivation flow is and who you can call to schedule your alignment meetings.
Alignment with the Super Host implementation analyst: +1 Meeting
Professional: +3 Meetings
Administrator: +4 Meetings
Agency: +6 Meetings
The main goal of these meetings is to prepare you to relaunch your listings in the main OTAs in the market. Typically, one meeting serves to make a general alignment of questions and the other to configure and connect your products to the OTAs.

Is there any help beyond default meetings?

In addition to our onboarding team, you will count on the help of two portals:

Stays AcademyIt is the knowledge base of Stays.net and it can help you answer questions or deepen your knowledge on a particular topic.
We have been working to include instructions in the screens in order to help you further, but if necessary, you can access the portal from the blue "i" icon at the bottom right of your Stays.net:
Stays FamilyIt is our forum to leave suggestions for improving our product and participating in other user contributions.
This is the default channel we use to improve our product according to the needs of our partners and it is a way to keep the partnership closer to the needs of your business.
This is an exclusive portal for members of Stays.net, so to register, just access the link below:

Now that you know our reactivation process, go to the next item: