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If you do not want to import listings, follow the steps 1 and 2 and then go to the step 5.

Step 1. Access your Stays.net

Access the page my.stays.net, enter your login data that we sent you  and access your system.

By linking your Airbnb account with any channel manager, Airbnb will charge a commission of 15% on the total amount of your reservations.
This is called simplified pricing and gives more control to hosts over the final amount guests will pay. For more information, read the article about simplified pricing.

To link your Airbnb account to your Stays.net, go to the [Channel Manager > Airbnb > Onboarding] on your system. On [Connect your Airbnb account to Stays], enter an internal name and click on the button to continue. 

After connecting, complete the steps on the Onboarding Actions page - these settings are the base to start using your system according to the policies of your business.

If you are a cohost of the listings, you must connect the account of each host because we do not connect cohost accounts.

Step 3. Import your Airbnb listings to Stays

After linking your Airbnb account to Stays, you must import the listings from the channel. Into your system, go to [Property & Listings] and click [Import Airbnb listings].

By importing, you bring the content of your listings to Stays. However, listings are not with imported calendars, prices and reservations. This essential connection process will be done on the next steps. 

Step 4. Review of imported listings

With your listings imported, you must validate the prices of your products, as well as launch direct reservations, those in progress and blocked dates made on other channels in your calendar.

See how to do it:

Step 5. Connect (sync) your listings

This process is only for those who did not import Airbnb listings. If you have already imported your listings and do not want to register any other products, skip this step and read the article Learn to register your price.

Listings are registered by the [Property & Listings] menu. See the material below: