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Follow the steps below to connect to Booking via Stays.

Step 1. Create a Booking account via Stays

On your system, go to [Channel Managers > Booking V2.0 > Onboarding] and fill out the necessary settings. You can create an account or enter information from an existing one on the channel. 

Step 2. Sync your existing listings

Follow these steps if you already have an account with listings created on Booking. If not, skip to step 3.

  1. Go to [Channel Managers > Account > Request connection];
  2. Click [Quick Connection];
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to release the sync.

Step 3. Create your listing on Booking

If you already had an account with Booking before hiring Stays and now want to create a new listing here, get in touch by email sac@stays.net. Without our team, you will only be able to sync existing listings.

Before creating a listing, you must create your property on Booking. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Channel Managers > Booking.com > Listings] menu;
  2. Choose the property you want and click on the [Connect > Create a Booking.com listing] button;
  3. The channel confirms your account data and, next, you get a property Booking ID.

When you have the property created, you will be able to create your listings.

Step 4. Create your Stays listing on Booking

  1. Access [Channel Managers > Booking.com > Listings];
  2. Click on the [Connect to Booking.com] button. Do it for each listing of your property with the [Connect to Booking] button beside;
  3. Go to [Create a Booking.com listing] and choose the type that is more compatible with your listing; 
  4. Wait for the information to be sent to Booking - validation messages are displayed in yellow on the right side of the screen. If you have any questions, see what each status means when creating a listing;
  5. Once the information is sent, your listings go through Booking's validation process. This process usually takes around 1 hour, but the official deadline is up to 24 hours. The listing cannot be published until the contract is signed and you receive confirmation of account opening;
  6. Click [Open Calendar] when this button is green. This means that the listing is ready - when clicked, it will be published.