Before meeting with our Onboarding Analysts, it is necessary for you to make some actions and adjustments in your system so that you can enjoy as much as possible the experience of the first joint actions with our team.

These are quick and simple steps that will help you prepare for your first meeting with our Analysts!

 The first steps of your Onboarding

1. Enter your

Access the page, insert your credentials and access your system!

The credentials were sent to your email, where the Login field usually is your email and the Password are a mix of numbers ans letters.

2. Fill out the information about your business 

On the first access to your, you will need to do a process that we call Self Onboarding, that consists of answering a series of key questions about your operations.

These configurations will be the basis to start the usage of your system according to the policies of your business.

By linking your Airbnb account with any channel mannager, Airbnb will start charging a commission of 15% on the total amount of your reservations.
This is part of the Simplified Pricing program and aims to give hosts more control over the final amount guests will pay.
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The process to link your Airbnb account with is done from the Channel Manager > Airbnb menu.

Just follow the steps presented in Onboarding Score Card, completing the requested information so that, at the end, the account synchronization is completed..

One possibility to delay the change in the 15% commission charged by Airbnb would be not to import the listings to Stays, but to register them manually on the platform.
This means that your commission change will only happen when you link your Stays products with your existing listings on Airbnb. To proceed in this way, just skip to Step 6 for more guidance on how to create your Stays listings.

For further information from Airbnb on how to adapt your listings to this model, see the material below:
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4. Import your Airbnb listings to Stays

After linking your Airbnb account with Stays, you need to start importing channel listings to your system.

This process is done from the [Channel Manager > Airbnb > Listings] menu on the Import Listings button:

This action will import the contents of the listings to, however it still does not represent that your listings are connected with Airbnb's calendar, prices and reservations import!
This process will be done in some later stages of your Onboarding.

5. Review of imported listings

After importing your Airbnb listings to, you need to validate your product prices, as well as post direct reservations, in-progress reservations and blackouts made on other channels in your calendar.

See how to perform these actions in the video below:

6. Registering listings via

This process is recommended for those who have not imported Airbnb listings.
If you have already imported your Airbnb listings and do not have any other products to register, skip to step #7!

Ad registrations are made via the Listings menu and the registration fields on our platform were prepared according to the sales channels used in the listings.

See the explanatory material on ad registration below:


7. Be ready for the meeting

The meeting with our Onbiarding Team is done with screen sharing from the Google Meet tool, so do not forget your notebook and get ready to share your screen in a few moments.

8. Enjoy your meeting!

Congratulations! The first steps were completed!

Please wait for your meeting with our onboarding analysts.